My Pretty Little Visit To The Laduree In SOHO

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While I was in New York it was a must for me to stop by Laduree in SOHO. We chose this location out of the two in New York because of the fine dining section which wasn’t available at the other Laduree. I had never been before but I knew it was going to be a place that would be my little haven.

As we pulled up to the darling little green building, I whipped out my phone to try and capture a few shots of its cuteness.Snow still laid upon the ground from the storm that had hit New York just days before, which made New York that much colder.

The Laduree In SOHO

That didn’t stop me from getting my photo in front of the building before heading inside.


As I walked through the doors my heart skipped a beat!

Pink and pastel hues were everywhere and I felt like I needed everything inside.

The Laduree In SOHO

There were macaroons and plenty of sweets all ready to be taken to go in darling little boxes.

The Laduree In SOHO

I tried to get as many photos as I could before we were seated at our table.

The Laduree In SOHOThe Laduree In SOHO

I knew that you could have tea and sweets at Laduree but I didn’t know that they served actual food.

So while we were at Laduree we treated ourselves to some champagne, a delicious dinner, and coffee with their infamous sweets.

The Laduree In SOHOThe Laduree In SOHOThe Laduree In SOHO

My tastebuds were blown away. I can’t even put into words how delicious my dinner was. It was like a yummy little bread bowl with this mouthwatering gravy that included chicken and mushrooms.

Also, the menus were so adorable! I tried to buy them but they wouldn’t let me lol, in fact, it was crazy hard to get any packaging from Laduree.

The Laduree In SOHO

We also spent a great deal of money while dining, purchasing macarons & a macaron key chain set and  but they still wouldn’t budge about letting me buy extra pink boxes.

The Laduree In SOHO

That was very sad for me lol.

Despite that disappointment it was such a charming little experience and has me dying to visit another Laduree.

Here are some more pretty photos!

The Laduree In SOHO


The Laduree In SOHO



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  • abigail
    February 20, 2017

    Gorgeous photos! I adore Laduree, I think you would really like Peggy Porschen if you havent been there before.

    Abigail Alice x

    • La La Lexie
      February 26, 2017

      Thank you Dear! I’ve seen photos but would LOVE to go!

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