Falling For Ted Baker’s Fall Collection

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Autumn could not have come fast enough for me! When it was mid July I was rushing to my local Bath & Body Works for the early annual release of Falls scents. I just love this time of year!

Eagerly I wait for this season of cozy sweaters & cable knit blankets and I am just so happy that it’s finally here!

Now, another love of mine just so happens to be Ted Baker and I’m pretty darn excited about their fall collection this year too!

There’s not much pink going on and I’ll be the first to admit this year that it is ok!

Seeing their beautiful choice of red is quite refreshing for this time of year. Just look at these delicious heels and tell me you wouldn’t want them too!

I would honestly just love to have them on my desk to stare at all day. But they’d also be the perfect addition to a romantic Autumn date night, don’t you think?

Now, Ted Baker has always been a brand that has a way of capturing my heart. The pieces they offer in their collections, especially for this fall, exude elegance & femininity and these are essentials of mine.

As you can see from my choices below, their dresses featuring collars are among my favorites since they embody sophistication and character. I love pieces that stand out but in a fabulous way!





Ted Baker’s accessories never fail to disappoint and I currently find myself head over heels for their adorable scarves, heels, jewelry and the like.




Out of the many brands out there Ted Baker’s Autumn collection, without a doubt has many choices to love. I just had to share my favorites with you.

Which are your favorites?



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